What Makes The Samsung Galaxy S2 Such A Powerful Smartphone?

The Samsung Galaxy S2 is among the most powerful smartphones available today, and the manufacturer is already reporting impressive sales figures of the device since its recent release. In this article I will take a closer look at some of the features which make the Samsung Galaxy S22 such a high performance smartphone.

Dual-Core Processor
One of the main draws of this handset is the 1.2 GHz dual-core processor which provides the computing power the handset needs to run applications and hardware efficiently. The benefits of dual-core processors in smartphones are numerous; faster response times from the touchscreen, more efficient multitasking (running multiple apps simultaneously), faster loading times of web pages and the ability to run more powerful applications and software to name but a few. Users of the Samsung Galaxy S2 will really notice the difference in performance when compared to a handset with a more traditional single-core chip.

The Samsung Galaxy S2 boasts one of the most advanced touchscreens of any smartphone on the market. At a sizable 4.3 inches, it is certainly generously proportioned and great for multimedia use, but what really stands out is the display quality. With state of the art Super AMOLED Plus capacitive touchscreen technology, up to 16 million colours can be displayed on the screen, in the utmost quality thanks to a whopping resolution of 480x 800.

Without a built in digital camera, a smartphone would not be a smartphone these days. The Samsung Galaxy S2 certainly delivers in this department with an 8 megapixel unit on hand to take high resolution still images as well as video footage in true 1080p HD. The camera alone comes with a lengthy spec list, boasting features such as a dual-LED flash, face and smile detection and image stabilization. Aside from the likes of the Nokia N8 with its 12 megapixel offering, this is one of the most impressive cameras you are likely to find on a mobile phone today, considerably adding to the credentials of this handset.

Android Operating System
The operating system of choice for the Samsung Galaxy S2 is the ever popular Android software. In this case, the latest version, 2.3 (known as Gingerbread) offers the ideal platform for users to customise their interface and download additional apps from the Android Market. Should users choose to carry out the latter, hundreds of thousands of apps from an extensive list of categories are available for immediate download straight to the handset. Therefore users can download the app of their choice, safe in the knowledge that the handset has the hardware to run any app with ease.

There is of course much more to the Samsung Galaxy S2, but as you can see from the specifications in this article, it is certainly and advanced device, and on paper at least it puts many of its notable rivals to shame. If you are looking for a new smartphone, this is a handset that is definitely worth a closer look, especially with some great deals available which even throw in the handset itself for free.

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