What Is 3D Modeling Software?

You may already know that animation includes 2D and 3D computer animations.

To create 3D animations with 3D Modeling Software, is a reference to the work of moving images in a digital environment, which is three dimensional, because of a careful sequence of consecutive images, which are technically referred to as “frames”. This makes the simulation of movement possible. This simulation is done when each image continues to appear very gradually one upon the other in sequence.

When you look at an animation, the motion is simulated in a way that the eyes tend to believe that the current movement has occurred. This sensation of movement only occurs because of the subsequent images that have changed very quickly.

A traditional face of computer animation as an art form, is the application of 2D animations. Two-dimensional animation is the designs that are made or created using paper and so are those created on films of celluloid. This form is also called cell animation and hand-drawn animation.

But let’s get back to the main subject, 3D Modeling or animation. Not too long ago, this new kind of art developed as computers were more and more used for creating 2D images. 3D Modeling is more dependent on computers to bring out characters and objects to build a three-dimensional environment in nature. So instead of all types of hand-drawing all the figures are created by computer programs, called 3D Modeling Software. All images are stored in the computer which makes additional modifications or manipulations a breeze and can be easily shared online or over a network, which makes team work much easier.

Keep in mind that many of these off-the-shelf computer animation packages are useful, but they differ in levels of complexity and features that come with them. It is desirable to learn 3D computer animation and basic principles of 2D, even before you go out and get the whole package. Remember, although excellent products, packages like Maya and 3D Max is quite expensive!

So if your ambition is to create your own 3D characters and animations, then you need to get a good 3D Modeling Software program. I assume you have a good PC or Mac, but please note that most studios currently use proprietary software for 3D computer animation

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