Website Header Design – Types And Features

Website design services are meant to make a website look pleasing as well as have a long lasting effect on the viewer, who is most of the times, a client. A website header is one of the important components of a web design. Most of the websites have a banner sort of a thing on their top, which highlights the page. This is nothing, but the website header design we are talking about.

The website header falls to a person’s sight for the very first time he/she looks at the website. It is appropriate to say that the website header makes an immediate and ling lasting impact to the visitor’s mind and therefore, it is very important to get the header design right.

There are loads of options available for you to get your website design done. It can be anything and everything including an artwork or a photograph or a fair combination of above given two things. The website designers and owners need to think of the issue, whether the logo has to be included in the header design or it has to be displayed using some other features.

A website header design must be appropriate in making the achievement of explaining or expressing the need of your website effectively to the clients, when they land on it. It should be instigating and should make them think about the things, they might get to read on the site, further.

When you decide to create the website header from the scratch, you need to follow certain guidelines. First of all, it the header has to be rectangular in shape and have a medium height. The taller the header is, less will be the content viewed at a glance from your website. And the less the content viewed is, the less will be the probability of people sticking to your website. As a standard, one should keep the header height limited up to 200px.

As you proceed with your website header design, you must be keen about the details, it incorporates. These details include gradients, drop shadows, rounded corner points, outlines and partially transparent text and their correct placement makes the website look elegant and pleasing. One must not use a single effect, but instead go for a mix of the various effects, available.

Here are 5 types of website header designs that you can incorporate in your home page for a better look.

  1. Huge header:
  2. This header occupies large space and hence can include lot of content thus giving a better look at first glance. But it can also be risky since it takes up most of your webpage space.
  3. Web App header
  4. The web app header allows screenshots to be included for the products and services of some company and catch one’s eye when done perfectly.
  5. The illustrated character
  6. This is the most popular kind of headers. It adds friendliness to your website with the addition of characters.
  7. Portfolio screenshots
  8. These headers are required for the showcase purposes. These are customized types of headers and give you the liberty to display your work.
  9. Carousel
  10. For a website with many features, carousel header is a perfect choice. It gives a sliding effect and also helps to add many features to the website.

One must choose the appropriate header design to get the website right.

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