Use Internet Security Firewalls to Protect Your Computer

It is a well known fact that computers without firewalls are vulnerable to attacks from hackers, spyware and viruses. Hence, you should ensure a secure internet connectivity by installing a firewall on your computer.

Making use of internet security firewalls, is one the best ways to protect your computer. Firewall is security software which operate in such a way that it can stop unauthorized access to the network or internet whereas it allows authorized communication to take place. If there is an attept to access to the network or the internet, it will allow the user to allow, block, and encrypt the attempt that is taking place. It is one of the best ways to stay protected from virus or spyware or malware that tries repeatedly to connect to the internet or network.

Even though you have an antivirus and antispyware installed, it is still necessary to install a firewall on your computer. Windows XP and Vista come with in-built internet security firewalls. Always ensure that it is turned on. Many leading antivirus companies also provide firewalls. Users may disable the Windows Firewall and install a new one as per his desire. It is very important to install a firewall if you have a small computer network at home or office. This can be done by installing a firewall in every computer in the network. If any computer in the network gets infected with virus, it cannot move on to infect other computers in the network if each and every computer in the network is protected by a firewall.

Firewalls are of two types, namely software and hardware. Software Firewalls block any unauthorized communication on your computer. Hardware Firewall is installed between the computer and the modem or the router which does not allow any illicit communication to take place. One cannot imagine a computer that is present on a network or connected to the internet without a firewall. Some of the leading antivirus manufacturing brands like AVG, Symantec and McAfee sell firewalls online. Please check if your computer has a firewall or not. If it does not have one, you must install a new as soon as possible because internet security firewalls are considered to be the first line of defense

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