Tips on Choosing a Food Processor

A food processor makes the work that goes in preparing to cook dishes, simpler, be it for the main course, or dessert or even soup. Food processors come with different attachments as well, which make it useful for other things as well like kneading the dough, making juices, soups etc. They also save lot of time and energy used in cutting, chopping, slicing etc of fruits, vegetables etc.

While buying a food processor, there are certain things that should be considered. The first thing is the capacity of the processor. This should be decided, depending upon the number of people that cooking is to be done for, so as to save time and serve the purpose of buying a processor. Several capacities are available in the market for processors, with the smallest one coming to about 1.4L and increasing to 3L in capacity. It is better to have an idea of the size, as otherwise it might be a waste of money to buy a bigger one, or time would be consumed more, in case a smaller one is purchased.

The next thing to be checked is the power that is required to run the machine. Processors can have wattage from about 400W to 1100W; the more the wattage, the greater the performance and speed. A high wattage motor will also have a capacity to do heavier jobs. It is better to buy a processor with 750W or more, for efficient working and longevity.

The blades are the next feature to be taken care of. There are various types, shapes and sizes of blades that are available as attachments to the processor. Depending upon the need and necessity, these blades can be bought and used. The more discs and blades that the processor has the more efficient and cost effective the product is.

The next thing to be taken care of is the fact if the parts are dishwasher-safe or not. Sometimes, certain makes are unsafe to be used in dishwashers. Also certain blades etc could be problematic to be washed in the dishwashers. It is necessary to check out if it is OK to wash in a dishwasher or not. This helps in cleaning the parts easily.

The versatility of the processor has to be taken into consideration as well. It is better to choose a processor that has the capacity to perform multitasking at the same time. This feature proves to be very useful and effective to save time. For example, some processors have small bullet blender that can perform many duties at the same time, thus saving time and being cost efficient. There are also processors that have extra attachments like juicer, citrus fruit extractor, dough kneader etc.

Safety is an important aspect while buying any product. It is necessary to check that all the parts are fitted perfectly and also the parts are not very fragile and easily breakable. Features like interlocking lids, nonslip grip etc, are important so that the food does not spill out while the machine is working and also the processor parts stay in place while working.

The warranty of an electronic product is a very important thing in order to ensure that the whole unit or a part of it would be replaced in case of a manufacturing defect or any other problem, within the warranty period at least; the more the warranty period, the better and long lasting the product.

A food processor comes in different prices and ranges. If a bit of research is done, then products which cost less but have a wonderful performance can be got. Some processors also come with recipe books, spatula etc, which would be mentioned in the pack of the processor. It is necessary to check out that all the attachments are carefully packed before buying the product and bringing it home.

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