The Ins and Outs of Picking a Great Domain Name

Ah, the domain name. It’s something that’s so simple to its very core, and yet it has the power to isolate an affiliate marketer from his or her clients if it’s too complicated or not clever enough. Building a website can be time-consuming enough, but have you given much thought to what your domain name is going to be? After all, your domain name is just as crucial – if not more so, many would argue – as your business name, as it plays a key role in generating traffic conversions and leading potential clients directly to your website. A savvy affiliate marketer knows the importance of a good domain name – an even savvier affiliate marketer will follow these tips and tricks to make sure that their domain name is working for, and not against, them!

If Possible, Your Domain Name Should Be Your Business Name. Yes, it’s simple – but many affiliate marketers simply skip having their business name as a domain name and instead go for something more creative. However, it’s important to realize that your customers will remember your business name before they’ll remember your URL – therefore, if they type your business name in the search bar and can’t find you, that’s a sale lost and money out of your pocket. Conduct some research to discover if your domain name is in use; if not, jump all over that name quickly before another affiliate marketer beats you to the punch!
So what if your business name is already used by another company, and they’re not willing to part with the name even for a significant lump of cash? That’s where these next few tips come into play.

Avoid Using Generic Brand Names. Let’s say you want to buy a car. You hop online and get to the search bar – what do you type in? 

Most definitely not. When people are shopping for a certain item, they usually have a particular brand in mind. Therefore, make sure that your domain name matches your product or service as much as possible, as this will likely be what potential clients and loyal customers will type in the search bar to find you. Besides, the secret to picking a good domain name is to put yourself in the mind of your customers: what are they going to type in to find you? Answer this question successfully, and you’re in the money!

Long Or Short Domain Names? The jury’s still out on this one, but I personally think that longer domain names are far more successful than shorter ones, since you have the opportunity to insert keywords in your domain name. If potential clients are looking for you by using a keyword search, you’ll pop up on Page One of Google’s search results – and as most online surfers don’t navigate past these pages, you’ll stand a better chance of getting more traffic to your website.

Watch Out For Your Grammar. Again, the jury’s out on this one, but sometimes grammar can make or break the difference between a successful website and one that’s wandering out there in the vast World Wide Web. For example, some people prefer to use hyphens in their domain names as it can be easier to remember, while others argue that online surfers are far less likely to use hyphens when typing in a domain name. As studies have provided evidence for both sides of this equation, it’s really down to a matter of personal choice: to hyphen or not to hyphen?

Dot Com Or Dot Org? This all depends on your business. If you’re running an affiliate marketing business that caters specifically to a local constituency, then it makes sense to use .org. However, if you want to attract business from an international audience, .com is the way to go, with few exceptions. Additionally, .com websites are more popular with search engine sites like Google and MSN, so if you’re looking to rank high, consider a .com website as opposed to a .org or a .net.

Domain naming doesn’t have to be a hassle; in fact, if done correctly, it can direct even more prequalified traffic to your site – leading to the kind of green that you’ve dream of since starting your own online business!

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