Remove Internet Security 2010 For The Safe Use Of Computers

Internet Security 2010 is malicious software which wrongly props up automated and fake infections in our computer and asks us to upgrade to a full version by demanding money. The software thus tells us that our computer is at a risk and many of our programs might not work, which are affected due to this very software. The registry entries are tweaked resulting in damages to the system. When this software is installed it affects our whole computer. Most people are misled because of its name which implies to serve as a system cleaner or security provider. However, the truth is it does the opposite.

The software secretly destroys all your important files and replaces them with viral infected ones. It scans the system and tries to scare the user by showing a number of problems and gives warnings that the computer is under major threats. It also stops the activities of existing music players, telling that the following formats are not compatible and cannot run in the system. All this leads the user to purchase the upgraded version which is also a scam.

Therefore, it is important to remove this fake software as soon as possible. To do so we must reboot the computer in the safe mode and download “Spyware Doctor”, an effective antispyware cum antimalware. This will remove all the existing spyware including Internet Security 2010. This can be removed manually also but at the user’s own peril because in the process one might delete important registry files.

Hence, the manual process is for experienced users. The users affected by this malware can also learn the procedures to remove it using the help of the Internet. It is highly recommended that the users do not fall for the traps laid by these malware. Thus, dangerous software like these can be removed by following the above mentioned steps. Once done it is safe enough for you to use your computer as and when you wish to do so.

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