QuickCam Pro 4000 – A Product Review

The QuickCam Pro 4000 is an excellent little webcam. The 4000 model is the top of the line in the series. Even though it looks almost identical to the lesser versions in the QuickCam lineup, it’s dramatically improved.

One feature is the high quality CCD sensor that provides full-screen VGA 640 x 480 pixel resolution in video mode. The QuickCam also does an excellent job with digital still shots.

With its convenient USB interface the QuickCam Pro 4000 easily plugs into either 2.0 or 1.1 USB ports. The webcam comes with a built-in microphone, so once you’re done with set-up, everything is set for video and audio recording.

The QuickCam Pro 4000 will work with Windows-based systems as well as Apple computers as long as the Mac has a USB port. Software is supplied for both operating systems.

Included with the webcam is MGI Videowave which is handy for making and editing videos, and Photosuite for editing still images. Another cool feature is Logitech’s own IM Video Companion which allows you to add video to your chats on MSN Messenger and AOL Instant Messenger.

Something else you get with the bundle is software to create one-click email video, a Web album creator, and animation software capable of producing time-lapse and stop-motion movies. It even has a motion detector which activates the camera when motion is detected. This is perfect for security surveillance, when trying to catch someone or something “in the act”.

Above all, the Logitech QuickCam Pro 4000 is a high-quality video camera with 1.3 megapixel playback. It has terrific resolution, full-motion capture, and an excellent software bundle. It offers a full two-year warranty and provides excellent customer service.

You can use this awesome webcam for videoconferencing, Skyping, internet chatting, taking still photos, and making your own home movies. If you have children, you can record them playing and send grandparents copies via email or copy to DVD and send snail mail.

If you’re an internet marketer, you can create promotional videos to include in your email marketing campaigns, or paste links on your blogs.

You can spend a lot more money on video cameras that aren’t any better than the QuickCam Pro 4000. This makes this little webcam an excellent value. Logitech is a well-known name with a reputation that is known throughout the electronics world. Just check the reviews on Amazon and other sites. You’ll see at least a 4 out of 5 star rating.

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