Prostheses and Robotic Haptic Gloves Technology – Rethink and Innovation

There has been incredible and rapid advancement in medical prostheses and haptic robotic arms and gloves. These systems have pressure sensors and can pick up a win glass or an egg without breaking it. How is that possible you ask? Well, this science has come a long way and with each new application scientists are working to overcome challenges.

Now then, what if we did a total rethink of the haptic gloveswith the pressure sensors and what if we put the pressure sensors on the inside of the glove? What could we use these for? If we switch the haptic pressure sensors to the inside of the glove and put that glove on a human hand we would know the force at which the hand applied to a motion. Perhaps, using one of JS Callahan’s innovations with LEDs.

Next, we put LED lights on the outside of the glove, we can record the movements on an optical capture device. Why? Well, how about for use in Sign Language optical recognition, to help people who cannot hear? This way an optical reader would have very little errors when reading sign language and could then go from Sign Language to Speech or from Sign Language to Text very easily improving the recognition for the AI software.

Right now the current systems for sign language are okay, but we could really make them better? And why not use this great technology that we already have to make life a little easier for the entire humanity. Perhaps, a crack robotics team somewhere like MIT could make this happen in their spare time? Think on this.

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