Mobile Management – Wireless Help Desk in 3 Easy Steps

A critical part of any mobile wireless management program is providing end-user support for the cell phones or data cards. Unfortunately, this is one area where businesses struggle to keep up with support requests. The specific needs of the end-user can vary dramatically, from the simple “my cell phone died” requests to synchronizing multiple contact applications and installing enterprise specific applications. How does an IT group support the variety of user profiles, wireless devices and cell phone carriers? Follow 3 steps to improve you service to your wireless end-users.

1) Establish a wireless policy. Consolidate your service levels and wireless support framework into a formal policy that is delivered to and accepted by all end-users as a prerequisite for support. Lay out mobile management service goals (avoid SLAs early on until you are certain of your performance metrics). The hours that in-house support is available and what to do after-hours should be specifically defined.

2) Standardize on what you will support. Some of this may be part of your policy. For example, you may include a generic statement regarding “business purposed” wireless applications being supported. A generic statement is more appropriate because the actual list of mobile business applications may change frequently. Outside of the formal policy, you will want to establish a list of wireless hardware platforms, mobile applications, and types of customer support scenarios that will be supported. Common things that are excluded from this list of wireless support elements include: personal email accounts, music and video down loads, not business related applications, personal wireless devices, etc. Also, standardize your mobile wireless support resources. Who in your organization will take wireless support tickets? Specialization is very important to quickly resolving wireless end-user requests.

3) Lastly, if all this seems too much, consider outsourcing your mobile wireless help desk function. There are several high quality cell phone and air card support companies in the market today. They can provide branded wireless end-user support across your entire organization, including ordering and replacement, for a very affordable per device monthly cost.

Finally, to tie your mobile management support strategy together, consider using an internet-based inventory and service management platform. Service management platforms designed specifically for mobile wireless support are a great way to keep your records current. There are free telecom management applications available if you search hard enough and they can really be useful in managing your mobile wireless environment.

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