McAfee Internet Security 2013: A Comprehensive Security Solution for Computers

With the digital world increasingly becoming an easy platform to hackers and data thieves to break in to users’ computers and smart gadgets to steal their personal and confidential data, several companies have begun to offer cult, easy-to-use, yet comprehensive security solutions that not only block malicious software from entering their computers in real time but also protect their data from being damaged.

McAfee is one among such companies which has been successfully delivering tailor-made, advanced, and comprehensive security solutions to customers to help them stay protected and keep pace with the technology without being cheated and dodged by the term ‘technology’. McAfee security solutions are widely used across the world by computer users due to their proven and enhanced security, reliability, customizability, and user-friendliness.

McAfee Internet Security 2013 is one of these comprehensive security solutions that add to the huge arsenal of McAfee’s security suites. McAfee Internet Security 2013 is the successor of McAfee Internet Security 2012, which is an antivirus program for computers and smart gadgets. If you are thinking that McAfee Internet Security 2013 is an upcoming version of the 2012 version, then it’s not. The 2013 version is already out for purchase and use (8th October 2012).

Users can buy their copies of McAfee Internet Security 2013 from the McAfee website and install it on their computers. The method of installation is rather fast and easy. Here in this post, I’ll do a quick round-up of the comprehensive security features in the 2013 version to help users know what these are.

Real-time Virus, Spyware and Malware Protection-

In vogue and will always be, online shopping has become viral. Nearly 25-30% of the worldwide population is plagued by the fever of online shopping. People prefer to shop online rather queue up in grocery & retail stores. They prefer to bank online, pay bills, send medical diagnosis reports and consult with docs online, book travel tickets and do lot more. If all goes well, people may even begin to vote online to choose their favorite candidates. Our world is more digital and simplified now. However, in this simplicity lies a great and never-ending risk of your data being infected.

With a tremendous rise in the online shopping and purchases, the chances of online intrusions, data thefts, and attacks have also increased by three-fold. These infections and threats can permanently mar your experience with computers and the Internet. Thus it has become absolutely vital to keep your computer and the valuable digital possessions safe.

McAfee Internet Security 2013 brings you an all-in-one security solution that integrates the excellence and powers of three complete anti-virus, anti-spyware, and anti-malware solutions. You can say it’s a three-in-one solution which builds 3 security layers around your computer to help keep it safe from all types of infections viz. viruses, spyware, and malware. Thus, you need not buy an additional anti-spyware or anti-malware to keep your computer protected from spyware, malware, Trojans, bots, rootkits, and worms among other infections. It’s secured as well as big time cost-effective.

Real-time Protection-

Understanding the need for dealing with real-time threats, the 2013 integrates McAfee Active Protection™, a real-time protection technique that keeps an eye on the content being viewed by you. If the program finds anything suspicious and risky, it blocks it in real time, ensuring a care-free, worry-free and safe experience.

Dual-Firewall –

The 2013 version has a two-way firewall which monitors the incoming and outgoing traffic back and forth from your computer and blocks hackers and unauthorized users in your neighborhood from breaking into your network. Thus it helps makes sure that your stay protected forever.

Anti-bot Protection-

McAfee Internet Security 2013 has an excellent Anti-bot Protection technique which blocks malicious botnet software from breaking your computer’s security shield. The program blocks attempts of botnet software to connect to your computer. Thus, it creates an extra security layer around your computer and prevents it from transmitting your personal & confidential information over the Internet.

Safe Online Searching and Shopping-

As we discussed about the growing numbers of online shoppers in the first section, it has become really important to keep safe when searching and surfing the web and also while shopping. When you input your query in a search engine and when you visit a particular website from the search results, you never actually beforehand know whether the site you are visiting is actually safe for searching and shopping or not. If the site you are visiting is malicious, you know what can happen to you. The new McAfee program sidelines the method of hit and trial. When you search for a query, it displays color-coded notifications before each search result. Thus click a search result, you will know whether or not to visit its website.

Removable Drive Scan –

Understanding the huge importance and functionality of USB and other removable drives in the lives of users as well as the risks associated with their use, McAfee Internet Security 2013 incorporates the removable media scan feature. So you can scan thumb drives, USB devices, and other portable media before you actually begin to use them. As you know that these drives can be easily infected during travels, by sharing with other people, or by plugging into the infected computers, thus scanning them before use will help protect your computer and data from being infected.

Anti-Spam –

Emails are considered to be the largest carrier of virus, malware infections. Users can easily be targeted by spam emails as they would not know whether or not to open them. Once they open spam emails, they get infected. Knowing this fact, the new McAfee protection incorporates an Anti-Spam filter which filters out spam emails from your Inbox and lets you stay protected.

Parental Control –

Do not put restrictions on your kids; let them freely search the World Wide Web (the Internet). Wait! I am not recommending this. It’s the McAfee 2013 version which has the Parental Controls feature to let you kids safely search, work, and play online without giving them an opportunity view inappropriate, adult, and obnoxious content. It keeps your kids going and you worry free.

Surfing Report –

You might like to know who went online behind your back and did what at what time. The 2013 edition has a proper track of every single thing. You can get details about the login times, total online time, and attempts to access the restricted sites. The program thus keeps you worry-free by keeping track of everything.

Online Data Backup-

Cloud storage is everywhere. The growing importance of cloud storage has given McAfee a reason to offer users something different that keeps pace with the technology. Thus the new McAfee version integrates cloud storage, a.k.a online data backup with 1GB capacity. Users can now online backup 1GB of data on the McAfee server and protect their valuable digital memories from being damaged and lost.

Additional Features-

McAfee Internet Security 2013 has several additional features which add to the life and performance of your computer. These features include Digital Data Shredder, PC Tune-up, Pre-Install Scan, Fast Start-up & Scan times, and Real-time Safeguards. These features make sure that your computer performs without hitch and glitch.

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