Living in a Past Period in a Virtual Reality Dream

In the future virtual reality may be so real that it will be indistinguishable from actual real-life. In fact as you are immersed in the virtual reality dream, your mind will be tricked into believing that you are actually in the real world scenario and that you really live in the time period and setting that the virtual reality dream has set up.

Imagine living in a past period in a virtual reality dream that you chose very similarly to pressing the buttons on a jukebox. Insert your credit card, put on a special hat on and a hood would come over you like a simulator in aviation. Your brain would be tricked into believing you are actually there and all of your senses would be engaged and immersed fully in the virtual reality dream.

Perhaps you would go to a Shakespeare play and sit in the peanut gallery and watch. You would believe that you were actually there and your memory would be blocked as to who you really are. I believe that this is the future of virtual reality and it may be so powerful with such strong visions that people will actually enjoy it to the point that it becomes a drug and or an addiction to life itself. As those people who wish to escape their present day life and stress will thoroughly enjoy it, even more than real-life. Consider all this in 2006.

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