Lightyear Wireless, A Sham Or Real Deal? Expert Third Party Review

If you are looking for an expert, third-party review on Lightyear Wireless, then you’ve come to the right place. Fist off I want to make it clear that I’m not affiliated with Lightyear Wireless in any way. With that said chances are you’re reading this article because you’re either looking at joining Lightyear Wireless, or you’ve already joined and you’re just looking for validation that you made the right choice. My goal in this article is to provide you with enough information to help you make a wise decision for yourself to join or not.

Lightyear Wireless is a telecom service based company in the MLM / network marketing industry. They launched back in July of 2008 with the goal to provide people excellent wireless communication while saving money on their wireless bill every month. In addition to this, they compensate people who refer more customers to them using the network marketing business model.

The company is backed by their parent company Lightyear Network Solutions, which is a publicly traded company. This 17 year old telecom company was founded by Sherman Henderson. They have an 80,000 square foot world headquarters located in Louisville, Kentucky, hundreds of employees, a multi-million dollar data/billing system and are an accredited member of the better business bureau.

Lightyear Wireless is a mobile virtual network operator, which is a company that provides wireless mobile phone service but does not own any licensed frequencies, nor does it have the infrastructure to operate mobile phone service. Essentially, they offer wireless services at a more cost effective rate than most of their major competitors. How can they do this you ask? Well they are basically utilizing the 4G Network from Sprint.

Lightyear Wireless offers unlimited nationwide talk, text and web without any contracts, credit checks or deposits like many other wireless providers. Standard features with typical phone service is also including like Caller ID, Voicemail, Call Waiting and 3-way Calling.

You can join Lightyear Wireless for a onetime fee of $299, plus a $25 web system activation fee and $59.99 per month there after. Once you have joined you can refer other people and receive commissions based on the compensation plan. There are many ways you can be compensated such as an immediate customer activation bonus ($25 for each customer you activate), customer loyalty bonus ($200 bonus for activating three new reps), and $100 for each representative you enroll when they activate their business. In addition to this you also can earn up to 10% of all your team members phone bills on a monthly basis.

In my opinion, Lightyear Wireless is a very lucrative opportunity for anyone to be involved with, even if you just want to save money on your wireless bill and you’re not picky about who the carriers is. For the person who is looking at this company with the intentions on making money, it could be a very good opportunity. After all, everybody has cell phones and currently it’s a $210 billion dollar industry.

Since my goal in this article is to provide you with a good review of Lightyear Wireless, there are a few things you may want to consider before deciding to join or not. The first thing you must understand is that this is a very saturated market with a lot of major competitors that can offer things like free phones and special discounts. The second thing you may encounter quite often is that most people who have a cell phone also have a contract with a company to fulfill before they will sign up with you. In this case you’ll be spending a great deal of time keeping track of where everyone is with their specific situations.

This is why it’s essential that if you are planning to join Lightyear Wireless to build a business, you must learn who your target audience is. After all, you’re building a network marketing business so you have to treat it like a business and learn how to market in a way that is attractive to other people.

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