Criminal Justice Programs in New York

New York is among those cities in the United States that is known to have the best education standards. Presently, this city is counted among the most sought-after cities for studying in various streams, especially for criminal justice. Moreover, if we carefully look at some of the recent observations made Labor Bureau, it is anticipated that an 11 percent growth rate in the law enforcement field will take place between 2006 and 2016. This anticipation has actually driven millions of students of New York to opt for career in criminal justice. Today in order to achieve the demand of current law enforcement field, many colleges and universities of New York are catering the top and different criminal justice programs. Below are some of the popular criminal justice programs, which you can select matching to your needs.

Business Security and Assurance: Professionals in business security and assurance are great in demand as they play the key role in protecting the information infrastructure from unscrupulous hackers or other evildoers in various institutions. MBA Degree programs are available in schools like Keller Graduate School of Management where students can learn the skills of information security. The curriculum of the degree program usually focuses on the parts that are important for securing networks and corporate computers like information security auditing, network forensics, database integrity etc. Obtaining a degree can bring a lot of job opportunities to start up career as network security managers, risk managers or information security officers.

Court Reporting: According to present market scenario court reporters, deposition reporters are in high demand. The key responsibilities of a court reporter actually revolve around recording court testimony, speeches, depositions, meetings, legal proceedings, cyber-conferences and other events. If you have an excellent command over English grammar, vocabulary and punctuation along with listening skills then you can go for the court reporting program offered by top schools in New York like Business Informatics Center.

General Criminal Justice: There are number of colleges in New York, such as Berkeley College, Briarcliffe College, Everest Institute, Ridley-Lowell Business and Technical Institute that offer a specialized program in general criminal justice. You can opt for bachelor’s degree or associate’s degree or program in this discipline according to your choice. Where bachelor’s degree is a lengthy program that touches all aspects of law, at the same time associate degree is a short term program that generally focuses on the main subject. The successful completion of these programs in criminal justice can fetch you to entry-level positions in law enforcement like private security, homeland security, policing, immigration enforcement, juvenile detention and many more.

Legal Studies (Paralegals): By pursuing Legal Studies one can get into various professions like district attorney, auditor, contract writer, bar examiner, hearing officer, insurance claim adjuster and so on. Though, the work of these professionals may vary with their designation. Obtaining a master’s degree in this stream may help to get higher positions in this stream. If you are looking to opt this program, you can consider few of the colleges like Albany Law School Briarcliffe College and Berkeley College located in New York.

Today no doubt, society has become more security-conscious due to the fear of terrorism and other social issues like drug use. All these factors have created great career prospects for those involved in the criminal justice system. Youths have grand prospects to build their career in this domain. Opportunities are high, all you need to do is identify and prepare yourself with required study programs available in various colleges of New York.

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