Amazon Electronic eBook Readers Review

Many wireless electronic book reading device are fast emerging and among the leading brand is the Amazon Kindle. Amazon’s first wireless reading device was released in 2007, and for a few months after its release, Kindle was sold out in the US until April of 2008. All of Amazon’s e-book readers use an electronic ink paper display that provides the same appearance and readability as your typical newsprint – allowing its users to feel the same comfort and ease.

One of the things that separates Amazon’s Kindle from other electronic book device is that it uses its own wireless network – Amazon Whispernet. This optimized technology allows Kindle users to download e-book content wirelessly. Amazon Whispernet uses what is called the Sprint network which is being used by most up-to-date mobile phones. What is great is that most books and other reading materials can be delivered to you in less than a minute; however download times can vary depending on the file size. The best part about this cutting edge technology is that it you do not get charged for monthly bills -you can simply browse through its more than 300,000 available book titles, purchase the e-book you like, and then you are able to read and enjoy your chosen book it in less than a minute. That is amazing.

In February of 2009, Amazon released an improved model for Kindle, which is the Kindle 2. The improved features of this new model include an “accelerometer” ¬≠¬≠that automatically rotates the page as you move it – whether you prefer a portrait or a landscape orientation, an improved and longer battery life, and a faster page-refreshing system. It weighs 10.2 ounces that holds over 1,500 electronic books – a personal carry-on library.

Amazon also offers your own Kindle book library. Every e-book you purchase from the Kindle Store would have a back up online at This feature allows you make room for new electronic book titles in your wireless reading device. You can simply re-download your e-book that is available in your online library for free.

In June of the same year, however, Amazon released another model for their e-book readers, Kindle DX. A bit more pricey than Kindle 2, but this model surpasses the designs of the previous Kindle. Kindle DX has a 9.7″ electronic paper display, with a 16-level gray scale – more than twice the size of the original Kindle. This large display allows its users to have a wider variety of reading materials to choose from. It weighs only 18.9 ounces, just like your average hardcover book, that can hold up to 3,500 electronic books. Its feature also includes a wireless access to Wikipedia, and The New Oxford American Dictionary. 

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